Our Story

Impaxs Marketing was founded by Alex B Sheridan, a former corporate B2B sales rep who saw an opportunity to use creative video content to build a brand and start attracting the type of clients he wanted to work with, as opposed to having to hunt them down every time.

And that’s exactly what he did.
In just 6 months, Alex used the power of social media/content marketing and branding to grow his then side business from 0 clients/revenue to a six-figure business! All while working a full-time job and raising two young children.

As he began to have conversations with other business owners and executives like you, he noticed that they too were looking for an advantage in the marketplace. They were tired of constantly having to chase down leads and new clients and loved the idea of having their dream clients chase them!

And just like you, each one of these business owners/executives had a story to share. A valuable message that needed to be heard by their audience. And their inner creativity was just waiting to be unleashed!

So that’s what we helped over 100 clients do for the following 12 months.
Impaxs Marketing then went from coaching and consulting others on how to build their brand online and attract their dream clients, to then offering the done for you services that our clients were asking for. We started helping them create their content, we started editing their videos, and we continued to help them strategically along the way.

Our clients began producing amazing quality video content and yet only spent a fraction of time doing it
Today we are a fast-growing team of 15 and take pride in helping business owners/executives just like you, grow their businesses, build their brands, and attract their dream clients!

That’s our story – thank you for reading!

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