We help you generate sales and build your business through LinkedIn by building a (Proven and field tested) WINNING strategy around the 7 Cs.
Cover - Connections - Content - Communication - Clock - Collect - Convert

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What We Do

Develop your brand and content strategy
We will put together a value-driven strategy that allows you to take your brand to the next level and reach your target audience so that you can convert them into paying customers!
Create and produce your high-end content
Allow us to script your content, edit, add text and subtitles, animations, and much more! Video production takes time and resources—let us take care of it for you so you can focus on running your business
Community Management/Engagement
Once we put the strategy in place and unleash the creative, the community and followers will begin to build quickly. We’ll help you engage with this community (Inbound and outbound) to ensure you continue to build your brand and your business

Why We Do It

We set out to make a positive impact on the world by helping people share their message and brand with the world. Unleash the creative…unleash your potential!
Alex Sheridan

Founder of IMPAXS

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